The Choices When Selecting Your Cushion Covers

Whether we realize it or not, we all use cushions to decorate our homes and to add comfort to the rooms. Cushions are usually used as accessories for a home’s décor and, in fact, it’s not the cushion itself that has an impact on the overall design but the cushion cover. Ever thought about this whole process or choosing the cushion covers for your home? There are a few important choices you need to make.

Choosing the fabric.

Pom trim pillow

The type of fabric you choose for your cushion covers is often dictated by the room’s function, the style and the palette of materials and textures used throughout the room. If you’re looking for something simple, long-lasting and easy to care for, try cotton or polyester cushion covers. For a rich look, try velvet or silk.

The location.

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Depending on where you plan on using those particular cushions, the covers can differ in terms of material, color, pattern, etc. For example, the cushions you use on your outdoor patio to make the bench more comfortable need waterproof covers and those you use in the bedroom need to be soft and cozy.

Choosing the pattern.

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It’s pretty rare for cushion covers to feature no pattern or no print at all. We usually select the covers based on the pattern they feature. There are several options here as well. Printed designs are often simpler and they’re very common. Then there are also the dyed covers or the embroidered types.{found on virginiasweetpea}.

The function.

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Depending on what you plan to use the cushions for, the covers can be purely decorative or they can simply protect the cushions. In other words, look for something low-maintenance and durable if you don’t use the cushions for display and something bold and more ornate if your cushions are décor accessories.{found on fabyoubliss}.

Making your own cushion covers.

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Making cushion or pillow covers is an easy project. You can use scrap pieces of fabric and put them together to make a custom pattern, you can use an existing cover and only sew on a few pom-poms to make it stand out or you can perfectly match your cushions to the room’s décor.{found on livingwithpunks}.

With so many different options to choose from, coming up with a design that reflects you and your home is easy.