Knize-Mini Lamp

Geometrical shapes are perfect and they give you the impression of order and regularity, of cleanliness and style. You can find these shapes in nature, but they are rarely perfect. However, people like things that go anywhere close to perfection, so they like doing and making all kinds of things looking like these geometrical shapes. This is why you will find many items like this Knize-Mini Lamp. I honestly believed that was something else until I could see the light bulb. It is an unusual shape for a lamp shade, I admit, and this makes it all the more interesting.

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The lamp is designed by Christiane Büssgen and Adolf Loos and is manufactured in Vienna. It is a totally unexpected lamp, with a metal lamp shade that looks like a ball that has many pentagonal facets. You can see the light bulb inside and the lamp stands on the table on one of the facets. The lamp shade/support is made of solid brass and its surface is varnished or nickel-plated. You can choose to have this made of another material, upon request. The maximum diameter of the “ball” lampshade is ø: 22cm (8,66inch). You can buy it for EUR 2.500,- / USD 3.149.