Knitware Coasters

My grandma is a traditional woman and she does everything people did a century ago. So when it’s winter outside, she gets in the house and starts knitting and making all kinds of things that require a lot of patience and skill, but that can be bought nowadays without too much trouble. But this is the way she feels useful, so she keeps knitting and weaving things. I once told her that I wouldn’t be surprised to see her knit a cover for my car. Any way, these Knitware Coasters reminded me of this passion of hers and I admit I find them unusual, but fun. As you can see from the picture they are totally functional coasters that you can use for protecting your furniture when you put a glass of water or filled with some other liquid.

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The coasters are perfect for their purpose because they have a corck back and that is certainly protective. However, the opposite part of the coaster is made of ceramics that looks like a knitted pattern. The design is totally innovative and creative and you can see many different models of knitting on every coaster. These coasters are available in sets of four, each of them having a different pattern and a different colour and you can have one for $39 directly from the web site of the designer and manufacturer Alyssa Ettinger.