Knitted Poufs For A Stylish Interior

Knitted poufs are very interesting because they’re simple and versatile and they always have a cute look. They’re not part of a specific style, even though they tend to look vintage. This allows them to be included in a variety of different decors. They look beautiful in living rooms and they can either blend in or be used as accent pieces to create focal points.

Contemporary living room knitted red poufView in gallery
Contemporary living room with a red knitted pouf

A colorful knitted pouf can make a beautiful and stylish focal point in a neutral living room such as this one. The pouf is singularized by its color and shape but it also has a few matching accent piece scattered in its vicinity. The result is a clean and elegant living room décor.

Striped rug grey knitted poufView in gallery
Living room with a leather Barcelona armchair and grey poufs

But knitted poufs can also blend in. For example, this living room has an eclectic interior décor and it’s dominated by a neutral color palette with tones of grey, brown and with black and white accents. The patterned black and white rug captures most of the attention and so the pouf goes almost unnoticed.

Under stair sofaView in gallery
Living room designed under stairs

A similar strategy is used in this living room as well. In fact, the sofa has the same color and texture as the one before. The rug also has a bold pattern, this time presenting stripes in contrasting colors. The beige knitted pouf is a chic addition but not the star of the décor.

Kids room knitted poufView in gallery
Modern nursery room with a knitted pouf and bold curtains

The texture of a knitted pouf is very beautiful and interesting. In this case, we have a nursery with a simple and chic interior décor where this texture has been recreated with the help of pattern of color. We’re talking about the curtains that present abstract similarities with the knitted pouf. The combination of colors is beautiful not bold but not blend either.

Nursery room designView in gallery
Orange accents for a nursery room

Another great thing about knitted poufs is the fact that they are very soft and comfortable. They make wonderful footstools and they’re the perfect addition in a cozy corner where there’s a comfortable armchair. This is a children’s room, again with a chic and surprisingly simple décor and the accent here is on coziness and comfort.

Open space dining roomView in gallery
Beautiful open space kitchen

And we’re back to living rooms, the most susceptible room to feature a knitted pouf. In this particular living room we can see a modern interior décor where the pouf is used as a chic decoration ready to become a functional seat in case it’s needed. It’s a dark grey pouf that contrasts with the white sofa but that doesn’t stand out much.

Kids room designView in gallery
Kids room for two kids

Even though poufs are often part of a living room’s décor, given their softness and friendly shape, they are also wonderful additions for the bedroom. For example, this is a lovely children’s bedroom with two matching beds and with one knitted pouf at the end of each one. It almost disappears into the carpet and it seems like a perfect addition to the décor.

Modern living room red knitted poudsView in gallery
Family room with a twist

As we already mentioned, knitted poufs are also great ways of creating focal points. Their design, shape and textures helps with that and the color makes the effect even stronger. Here we have a cozy basement living area with a warm and bright interior and with two rich red poufs sitting in the center. They stand out but they also make everything else stand out as well.

White room bold knitted poufView in gallery
White work room with a red knitted pouf

Even though it’s not a very common option, knitted poufs can also make beautiful additions to a home office. It can be that touch of coziness that a cold and formal office needs to become a more friendly and inviting space. This particular home office also uses the knitted pouf as an accent piece that stands out with its bold color.

Grey living room2View in gallery
Grey living room with a modern feel

Sometimes a piece can stand out even when it seems to blend in. For example, this minimalist, contemporary living room has very little furniture and decorative elements and this allows the two grey knitted poufs to become accent pieces even though their color makes them almost dissapear into the grey carpet.

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