Knife & Fork Napkin Ring

Normally we have dinner at home with our family. We might also go to the restaurant, but when we eat at home we are less formal and just … eat, leaving the whole thing with etiquette and dinner decoration just for the special occasions when we have guests or when it’s a holiday or a celebration. On these special occasions dinner is supposed to be festive, so you must be very careful with all the details if you want a successful dinner. Well, one of the details that count is the napkin ring. It is elegant and useful, even if you could do without it if you have paper napkins. But since cloth napkins are more appropriate to use at a formal dinner, if you use them, you should also use a fine napkin ring to hold it.

IMG 63909

This nice Knife & Fork Napkin Ring has a very funny design of knife and fork, the two elements suggesting restaurants and meals and is made of aluminum. It looks just like a ring with the crossed table utensils on the side. It looks great when placed around the napkin and the visual impact will be greater if the napkins are colourful. You can purchase the item for just $14.