Klismos Round Dining Table

If you know at least a bit of history, then you certainly have some idea of the important role the ancient Greeks played for the whole humanity. They basically invented democracy, philosophy and many other sciences, getting their skills to the best they could get. Their ceramics and furniture for example were well known and appreciated all over the world. Klismos table was a famous and popular model of table in the fifth century B.C. and now it has been rediscovered and redesigned by those from Restoration Hardware and launched on the furniture market with great success. Now it is called Klismos Round Dining Table and it is made by hand of cast aluminum.

Round table

The table has a rich zinc finish and that makes it look great, ready for somptuous dinners and elegant people. The defining feature of this table is the base that looks like an ancient urn and that is clearly inspired from the old model. The table allows six people to seat around it and offers comfortable place for everyone. They join together and get the opportunity to talk to everybody as opposed to the square or rectangular coffee tables where you can socialize only with your neighbours. The nice antique design and the beautiful patina convince you to buy the item for $795 – $1155.