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Cool Kitchen Floor Mats To Spice Up Your Cooking Area

Even in a world where people are giving up the use of rug in their homes, a mat always seems to find its place. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t want your warm feet touching the cold floor. When you get out of the shower, nothing beats stepping on a soft mat.

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And when you’re in the kitchen rushing to prepare a delicious meal for the entire family, you don’t want to your feet slipping on the shiny floor. Not only is it practical and keeps your feet warmer, but a mat can also add plenty of style to a room, be it the living room or the kitchen.

So, how about we explore a little more this wonderful world of kitchen floor mats?

Choosing a Kitchen Floor Mat

It doesn’t really matter why you need a mat, the important thing is that you decided to invest in one, and the following features that we’re going to talk about are the ones that you should pay attention to if you’re thinking of investing your money in one:

Kitchen floor mat size

The size of the mat is important for a number of different reasons. For the most part, rectangular mats that are designed to be placed in front of the sink usually measures around 2 x 3 feet, but it is not uncommon for people who want more coverage to tile them.

Those of you looking to buy a runner should measure the length of the galley and look for a mat that’s a few inches shorter, so that there will be a little bit of free space between the mat and the cabinets. If you have a dinner table in your kitchen and would like to purchase a rug to place underneath it, make sure that the rug is large enough to accommodate the table and the chairs.

Floor mat materials

When it comes to materials, flat-weave rugs are the most popular kitchen choice because they are easier to clean. If you’re particularly interested in the ease of cleaning and the ruggedness of the mat, then you can search for those that are labeled for indoor and outdoor use.

They are usually made from materials such as polypropylene, which makes them more resistant to spills. However, cotton rugs are easier to clean in the washing machine, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Wool, for instance, requires spot cleaning and it is more difficult to care for compared to a polypropylene rug. Jute and sisal are two natural fibers that are easy to spot clean and are also pretty resistant.

Kitchen floor mat slippery

One thing that you should take particular interest in is how slippery the rug is. Try to invest in kitchen rugs that have a non-slip backing but if they don’t, pair them with a non-slip rug (by placing that one underneath) to make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself by sliding around the kitchen floor.

Those of you in need for a mat for the sink can also add an anti-fatigue rug underneath it for added comfort when washing the dishes.

Cooking area floor mats style

Last, but not least, you will have to consider what mats match your current kitchen décor. You can let your imagination run wild here, as there are so many different combination, we couldn’t possibly cover them all.

The good news is that kitchen mats are relatively cheap, which means that if you ever want to change your existing one with a new one, it isn’t that big of an investment. You can opt for mats that match the existing colors in your kitchen and just choose different patterns to add more playfulness to the décor. 

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mats

Before moving any further, we need to explain the concept of anti-fatigue kitchen mats. The kitchen is a room where you’re going to spend a lot of time standing, and that means that you could use a little cushioning for your feet. Anti-fatigue mats are literally rugs that help reduce the fatigue generated by spending too much time standing on your own two feet. Without them, you are more likely to experience sore feet, knee, hip, or back pain.

It is also important for you to know that there are two types of anti-fatigue kitchen mats:

  • Light-duty anti-fatigue kitchen mats are just carpets with rubber backing, which acts as a safety measure. These mats are light and offer a minimum amount of cushioning. While these types of mats are good, they might not be recommended for people who spend hours on end standing in the kitchen. In this category, you are likely to find foam vinyl-covered mats, rubber interlocking mats, or gel-based mats. The latter category, for instance, is made with the type of gel that you normally find in gel-filled shoe insoles. These are typically more expensive compared to other types of mats.
  • Heavy-duty anti-fatigue mats are better for people who spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen. These mats are usually 3/8” thick and are designed in such a way as to prevent putting too much strain on your feet and back. They are not as visually-appealing as other types of mats, but they are more efficient in terms of cushioning. You can also expect them to cost more considering they add comfort to your kitchen space.

The Best Kitchen Floor Mats

Kraig Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

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Reading “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, this lush mat is designed to offer you a sense of coziness and could be that element that turns your kitchen into a room you walk in with pleasure at any time of the day or night.

You can choose between two different sizes (1’6” x 3’11” or 1’6” x 2’6”) of the same high-grade PVC mat that can rest anywhere on the kitchen floor. It features non-skid backing that prevents the mat from slipping onto the surface of the floor.

Casey Kitchen Mat

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The Casey kitchen mat has a more different design that what you’d expect to see in someone’s kitchen and, granted, it’s not the type of print that caters to everyone’s liking. It’s made with a low-profile nylon pile and features a money print design that definitely stands out of the scenery.

It comes with an anti-slip backing and stain-resistant surface, and it can be vacuumed and spot cleaned whenever needed. The synthetic material is also machine-washable. Overall, the rug measures 0.3” H x 53” L x 22” W.

Graball Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Available in two size options (1’6” x 3’11” or 1’6” x 2’6”), the Graball kitchen rug is made from synthetic fabrics and comes with a print that imitates a wooden sign, much to the pleasure of people who love wooden décor elements or have a kitchen decorated with rustic elements.

Made entirely out of PVC, this mat is focused on providing a resistant surface that can repel stains, prevent water from ruining the fibers, and comes with mild cushioning that might help with fatigue in certain situations.

Ellaria Texteline Anti-Fatigue Mat

Ellaria Texteline Anti-Fatigue MatView in gallery

Up next, we have another mat that’s made from 95 percent PVC and 5 percent polyester. It is designed to be an anti-fatigue mat with cushioning that help prevent sore feet, while also trying to improve circulation as you’re standing in the kitchen. It comes with anti-slip backing so you won’t find yourself doing involuntary aerobics in the kitchen. It weighs a total of 2.2 pounds and measures 20” L x 32” W x 0.4” H.

Ageeth Modern Trellis Pattern Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Let’s welcome another PVC mat designed to cover up some of that kitchen floor space. Available in a black and a gray version, this mat measures 18” W x 30” L x 0.47” H and weighs a little under 2.1 pounds.

It has a water-resistant surface that helps prevent spills and an anti-slip backing that holds the mat in place for your own safety. It can’t be machine washed, which means that you’re going to have to clean it using a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Perseus Kitchen Mat

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The Perseus kitchen mat is available in multiple color options (black, chili red, cinder gray, mocha, and sage), and brings forth a construction that’s rugged enough to serve its purpose (although some would disagree that it’s not stylish enough to make the kitchen look pretty).

Made from polypropylene, this mat measures 40” L x 24” W x 0.3” H and weighs 0.79 pounds, being of the lightest kitchen mats in today’s list. This machine-washable mat comes with a water-resistant surface and has an anti-slip backing for your peace of mind.

Enrik Comfort Heavy Duty Standing 2 Piece Anti-Fatigue Mat Set

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If you fancy the idea of covering up more floor space in your kitchen, allow us to suggest a rug set. This anti-fatigue kitchen mat set comes with two pieces that measures 50 x 18 inches and 30 x 18 inches respectively, allowing you to place them around the kitchen floor, perhaps one in front of the sink and the other one in front of the oven.

Made form PVC, these mats have a beautiful marble-like print and are designed to be durable and waterproof. They have an anti-slip backing and are made with anti-fatigue rubber for more comfort while standing.

Bouck Comfort Kitchen Mat

Bouck Comfort Kitchen MatView in gallery

With 0.75” in height, this is one of the thickest kitchen mats we’ll be showing you today, which lead us to firmly believe that it’s more suited for added cushioning compared to many other models that claim to have anti-fatigue constructions.

It is made from rubber and measures 39 x 20 inches, and it’s available in a brown and black version. It has an abrasion-resistant surface which means it can withstand a little bit of scrubbing without too many signs of wear and tear. It includes anti-slip backing and has a water and stain-resistant surface.

Gardner Village Anti-Fatigue Mat

Gardner Village Anti-Fatigue MatView in gallery

Here is one more PVC mat with good-enough properties to make you consider buying it for your own kitchen. It measures 47” L x 18” W x 0.47” H and it’s advertised as being anti-fatigue, but we could label it as a light-duty one.

It has a dinner-themed print and comes with stain and water-resistant properties, which are very important in a mat that will constantly be exposed to stain risk and high humidity. It has an anti-slip backing for less chances of it gliding across the floor.

Arvida Anti-Fatigue Mat

Arvida Anti-Fatigue MatView in gallery

The Arvida anti-fatigue mat is another kitchen-worthy item that’s available in two different size options: 1’6” x 3’11” or 1’6” x 2’6”. Made from synthetic materials, this mat brings forth all the features that you’re already familiar with and expect to see in a kitchen mat: an anti-slip backing construction for added safety, a water and stain-resistant surface for more durability, and anti-fatigue properties given by the 0.47 inches in thickness.

Erasmo Marble Decorative Kitchen Mat

Erasmo Marble Decorative Kitchen MatView in gallery

The Erasmo kitchen mat is a little bit different compared to what we’ve shown you so far because of its print that perfectly imitates a marble-like surface. There are three size options for you to choose from: 2’ x 5’, 2’ x 3’, and 4’6” x 6’6”. The mat is made from tough PVC vinyl which is both water and stain-resistant. It measures only 0.08” in thickness, so it doesn’t have any anti-fatigue properties. When its time is up, the mat can be fully recycled, as it was designed with environmental awareness.  

Kitchen floor mat: Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking to buy a mat because you have cold feet when walking around the kitchen or you’re simply looking to spruce up the place in search for that one element that’s missing, this guide should give you the information needed to make a good purchase.

Keep in mind that kitchen mats should also be comfortable, so searching for an anti-fatigue mat is important if you spend countless hours in the kitchen. Otherwise, you’re putting a lot of strain on your body that can result in pain in multiple areas, including the hips and back.