Kitchen Updates Big and Small Featured at AD Design Show

From a taste for the retro look to the latest in smart technology and cooking innovations, the recent Architectural Digest Design Show included the newest innovations and appliance designs for your kitchen. Whether you’re in the market for a new appliance or are considering a complete kitchen renovation, here is a sampling of some of the most exciting things we saw.

aga cooktopView in gallery
If you;e not familiar wth the AGA cooker, the original appliance hit the market in 1929 as a heat storage stove and cooker. Made from cast iron components, it could can absorb heat from a a low and slow burning heat source, like coal. Over time, as fuel sources and kitchens changed the band evolved to the current model, which still has a cast iron face, doors and top, but an interior made of porcelain, and powered by the latest technologies, like dual fuel options.
AGA rangeView in gallery
The colored exterior surface — available in 15 colors — is a vitreous enamel, which is still created using century-old artisan methods by skilled craftspeople.
aga small fridgeView in gallery
Perfect for small spaces or as additional specialty refrigeration, Marvel offers a line of under-counter units. Their entire line includes outdoor refrigerators like this one, along with a professional series, built-in options, and a full ADA-compliant series of appliances.
Big Chill latestView in gallery
Colorado-based appliance company Big Chill is known for its retro styling and vivid colors. Since making a plash with their colorful refrigerators in 2001, Big Chill has introduced a full line of appliances available in hundreds of eye-popping custom colors. This turquoise model is their latest release.
Big chill rangeView in gallery
Of course your retro fridge needs a matching range, and Big Chill now offers retro ranges, and this professional series that is available in 30-inch (pictured here) and 36-inch models.
Bluestar celeb chefView in gallery
Chef Ryan Scott demonstrated how Bluestar’s appliances work, from how you can fit sheet pans in the refrigerator to how the range cooks.
Bluestar fridgeView in gallery
Built-in refrigerators now come with an amazing level of customization — the days of white, black or stainless steel are over. Bluestar’s models come in 750 colors including an amazing new matte black model that looks incredible sophisticated. Even the freezer can fit a full-size sheet pan. Innovations in cooling and LED lighting make thievery efficient as well.
BluestarView in gallery
Wide glass-front drawers make it say to see and access the produce and other food products in the refrigerator.
Ilve cooktopView in gallery
ILVE is has been a popular high-end brand in Europe since the 1950’s and is now becoming more widely uses in the United States. It is the only manufacturer of fully custom made ranges. Each one produced is for a specific customer, made to their specifications, down to the burnt configuration, exterior color and metal finishes.
Ilve oblong burnerView in gallery
This long oval burner look odd to US customers, but those in Europe know it’s great for large pots, roasters and fish poachers.
Ilve burnerView in gallery
A triple ring burger versatile because it allows you the power of a high-BTU burner, yet can be turned down to a low that can gently cook delicate sauces.
Ilve metal optionsView in gallery
ILVE’s knobs and bars are gorgeous, even more so now that you can choose to have them done in mixed metals. The combinations, together with the sophisticated color choices, make for an elegant appliance.
Ilve rangeView in gallery
The company’s new Techno collection — available in this drool-worthy 40-inch model for those who have the space — sports tubular handles and more modern, trim-free doors.
ilve sauce burnerView in gallery
The flat, graduated heat burner lets you heat a pot on the high-heat middle of the burner and slide it to the outside rings, where the heat is less intense. Known as the sauce burner, it’s a serious cook’s delight.
thermador large rangeView in gallery
Can’t decide between six burners or a griddle? Well, lucky for you Thermador has debuted a massive 60-inch range that let’s you have both. It will easily accommodate your cooking for a big party….and then some!
thermador kichen systemView in gallery
More than just a fridge, Thermador has a Culinary Preservation Center, which is a customizable collection of refrigerators, wine systems, and freezers.
thermador small rangeView in gallery
If you can’t fit their 60-inch range in your home or apartment, Thermador does have a smaller professional range that packs a lot of professional features into a tidy, 30-inch package.
viking carbon fiber finishView in gallery
A very cool exterior innovation is Viking’s range that is finished with a carbon fiber material that gives the appliance a textural look.
viking teppanyakiView in gallery
Asian food enthusiasts can now have a hibachi dinner at home on their own teppanyaki cook top from Wolf. The home-sized cooking surface comes with a cover and digital controls.
miele handlelessView in gallery
A strong kitchen trend in 2016 is the “secret kitchen” where everything is hidden behind a sleek exterior, like this one by Miele. A minimum of knobs and handles contributes to the smooth look. For example, the flat, handle-less dishwasher opens when you knock twice.
miele inductionView in gallery
Smooth, easy to clean induction cooktops have a digital display, eliminating the knobs, which can be an annoyance at cleaning time.
miele ovensView in gallery
More than just a double oven, this column of appliances includes a Combi steam oven, regular oven and warming drawer. Steam ovens for home kitchens are gaining popularity.
Miele low profileView in gallery
Some of the Miele appliances have handles, like this dishwasher, but they are custom and sleeker than the usual. Al the control are in the top of the door inside.
Miele digital displayView in gallery
This version has lighted knobs and a digital display.
miele handlesView in gallery
Consumers have a choice of handle colors and styles for their Miele appliances
miele ovenView in gallery
Miele’s big and beautiful 48-inch, eight-burner range is the stuff of dreams for a home gourmet. It has a convention oven, a speed oven, warming drawer, and comfortable swivel handles.
mile fridge interiorView in gallery
A single door refrigerator holds a great deal of food, with adjustable shelves and easy to access bins.
miele wine towerView in gallery
The Wine Storage System from Miele is a major upgrade for your typical under-counter wine fridge. With an option serving station, the system has 3 independent climate zones for different varietals and a handy chalk strip for identifying information on each shelf.
miele serving shelfView in gallery
The service area has room for glasses, a decanter and win accessories.
miele chalk labelView in gallery
The chalk labeling area is fun, easy and convenient for keeping up with what kind of wine you have in the cooler.
rangecraft platinumView in gallery
With a powerful range you need an equally powerful hood to take care of cooking heat and smells. The hoods produced by Rangecraft are truly works of art. Known for its stunning, luxury hoods of all styles, the company makes custom hoods for countless celebrities and high0-end homeowners, This one is platinum and sports Swarovski crystals.
rangecraft wing hoodView in gallery
Modern styles are also popular, like this round, white winged version.
zephy low profile whiteView in gallery
Along with the secret, or sleek kitchen trend come lower profile range hoods. For many years the chef’s kitchen, and it’s focal point range hood, were all the range. Now, consumers can get just as much ventilation power in a much smaller hood. This one by Zephyr is called the Incline Arc, which has a tri-level LED light strip and a wireless remote control.
zephy stainless hoodView in gallery
Here, Zephyr’s cherry red Horizon Arc wall hood is dramatic one that its just inches from the kitchen wall. It comes in striking red, black or white glass on stainless steel. The glass can be ordered with an etched pattern as well.
zepjhyr low profile redView in gallery
Somehow the bright red color makes this low-profile range hood look even more modern.
zephyr thin hoodView in gallery
The Layers Arc wall hood is a black or white glass and stainless steel hood. The floating effect comes from lithe that are sandwiched together. And oh yes, the light can change color.
zephyr white hoodView in gallery
Of course, the company also makes beautiful, technologically updated hoods for your kitchen island as well. These have LED lights incorporated, to give you more illumination over the island cooktop.