Kingdom Arc Garden Swing Seat

My short question for you today is this: what do you call a combination between a rocking chair and a garden bench? Well, you are absolutely right: it’s the garden swing. I love garden swings and so do most people because they offer you an incredible sensation of comfort and safety. I think it is partly due to the swinging motion that reminds us of the time spent in our mother’s belly and I read it somewhere that this confers a sensation of security. Any way, it;s pleasant to sit in a nice large garden swing and enjoy a quiet morning reading a book or simply watching the kids play in the garden.

Kingdom arc swing seat

This beautiful garden swing is very sturdy and graceful at the same time and it has two seats for a comfortable stay. It comes complete with quilted hammock seat and  canopy and you can purchase it online for £15.99. It is perfect for the summer days and nights because it protects you against the sun, too. So enjoy this swing all summer long!