The King of Frogs tree house

Tree houses aren’t just for kids. There are many innovative and interesting reinterpretations of this very simple and classical concept and take this structure to a whole different level. Some designs stick with the classics while others are absolutely impressive. The King of Frogs tree house falls into the second category. It’s intriguing not only by its name but by its actual design and reinterpretation of the classic model.

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The King of Frogs tree house was created by German brand Baumraum. It’s not actually a tree house per se because it doesn’t rely on actual trees for support. It’s an innovative interpretation of the original concept. This structure is elevated on slits and it’s overlooking a reflecting pond. It’s a lovely structure and a wonderful private retreat. The King of frogs is a 92 square foot tree house with a contemporary design. The main element is a curved volume with a wooden structure and a metal exterior.

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The King of Frogs tree house is a sophisticated structure that impresses with its innovative design. It consists of a minimalist curved volume and a 100 square foot terrace. The reflecting pond sitting underneath the whole structure is a very interesting touch and the element that gave the name of this project.

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The whole structure is sitting in a private backyard in Münster, Germany. The interior of the actual tree house is minimalist and very inviting and comfortable. It includes a very cozy bed surrounded by windows on three sides and a cozy nook with storage space underneath sitting on the other side of the tree house. It’s a very beautiful and ingenious private retreat, like a sophisticated oasis in the middle of an urban desert.