Kikkerland Alarm Clock Cube

Time is of utmost importance nowadays and people rush to and from work, hurrying all around and trying to get as fast as possible from one place to another. And when you are a serious businessman or professional you must be in time at all your meetings, as “punctuality is the politeness of kings” as they say. So if you want to be respected you must be punctual. And if you want to make sure you wake up in time you will have to use an alarm clock. Our biological clock can be of help, but normal alarm clocks are more certain. This Kikkerland Alarm Clock Cube is pretty unusual, as it looks just like a wooden cube at first sight.

Cubeclock nat aminThe designer of this clock, Kikkerland, imagined a modern clock with a very simple, yet unusual design. It is made of wood veneer, but the nice red LEDs are only lit when you clap your hands, as the clock has some sensors detecting powerful noise. The LEDs get red and show you the time and then disappear again, leaving the clock look just like a normal wooden cube. The clock works on 2 AAA batteries that can last quite a long time. The item is now available for View in gallery