Kids Train Bed

All children love stories and cartoons and they would give anything to have the chance to bring a piece of this fantastic world into their homes, into their rooms to be more precise. And what piece of furniture can be more important in a child’s room than the bed? So it is really funny to get a very funny bed for your kid, one that is less conventional and looks like the things the kids like in the cartoons. I suggest this pretty nice looking kids train bed that looks like a train , but it’ s really a very comfortable bed.

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You can order it at  Cool Kids Furniture for a price of $2,588.78. I know it looks a bit expensive, but there are other details you should know about it. For example this train is made on order, as there is no series production. It is specially designed and made so as to be perfect for a child with the age between two and six and also the material is carefully chosen to be high quality. The wood is covered with a pleasant color of lead free paint, in order to avoid any toxic contact for the child’s skin. Most of it is hand made and , if you have some ideas and want to customize it , for example choosing a particular color or shape or the application of different ornaments, you can do that and your train bed will have it all on delivery.

So how about giving your kid a wonderful gift for their room?