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Adorable Kids Couch Ideas To Keep Them Comfy

Even when they barely start walking, children dream about being adults and living the same life as their parents do. You might have noticed that your child has a tendency to copy your gestures: from putting on make-up to wanting to tighten some screws.

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Their wish of being like you extends to your furniture choices as well, and couches are part of those furniture pieces. So, today, we’re going to talk about why you should invest in a couch for your child and then show you some cute couch ideas for your little one’s room.

Why Get a Couch for Your Kids

Why would parents invest in furniture for their children overall? Because there are plenty of benefits of giving your children things of their own, to look after and help them feel like they have their personal space. Kids spend most of their time at home, so making their room as friendly and as welcoming as possible will help create their safe haven, which is really important to a child. With a couch for your kid, you can:

  • Ensure they have child-friendly furniture. With couches, it’s mostly about not having products that are made with materials that are toxic to children. With other types of furniture, such as bookcases, safety measures include thick and stable legs or mechanisms to secure the furniture to the wall so that it doesn’t tip over. Make sure that you opt for couches made from kid-safe materials.
  • Make sure they have a comfortable place to sit on. A couch for your child needs to provide the right amount of cushioning to make the experience of sitting down as pleasant as possible. If possible, buy a couch that’s large enough to allow the little one to lie down. Small children might prefer lying down to sitting.
  • Avoid wasting money on improper seating. Couches that are designed especially for children are usually made with well-thought-of materials and are, oftentimes, more comfortable than a wooden chair. They are less expensive compared to a regular couch and don’t occupy that much space.

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Materials to Consider

Choosing a couch for your child’s room is basically like choosing a family-friendly couch: you have to make sure that the materials are safe to use for every member of the family. Some of the best and most common material choices include:

  • Microfiber is a stain-resistant material and it’s available in many different colors and prints. You can find kid’s couches with microfiber upholstery that’s smooth or dense, depending on what it is you’re after.
  • Leather and faux leather is always a good choice because these materials are easier to clean. Naturally, genuine leather is expensive but lasts longer, while faux leather is cheaper but tends to crack over time. Considering how fast children grow (and outgrow their couch), faux leather should work just fine.
  • Vinyl is another good choice and could easily be compared with leather. It’s an affordable option, but also one that’s easy to clean and pretty resistant.

What to Look For

Whether you choose to buy a kid’s couch or a regular couch that’s kid-friendly, you have to take a few things into consideration first:

  • First and foremost, the material of the couch has to be stain resistant. If not, at least choose a color that hides dirt stains as much as possible. Even if you don’t have a child that likes to play outside and is likely to bring dirt into the house, kids are always crawling and exploring, getting their hands dirty even inside. They could even have marker or watercolor stains on their hands and end up touching the couch without washing first.
  • The materials of the couch are also important. Parents usually choose couches with upholstery that’s available in fun colors and prints, but having furniture made without any toxic materials is also important.
  • Carefully look at the construction of the couch and make sure there is no way for your child to get hurt. Rough edges, loose splinters, metal bars that could cause injuries; these should all be avoided.
  • You also want to look for couches that are easy to clean. Those made from faux leather, for instance, are pretty stain resistant. Whenever the child spills something on them or gets them dirty, all you have to do is wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Some couches have removable covers that can be cleaned inside the washing machine.
  • Style might also be something you’re interested in and it’s pretty easy to find different couches in miniature sizes for a child’s room. There are multiple upholstery color choices, with some of them even having fun prints.

Check Out These Perfect Kid’s Couch Ideas

Ruggeri Kids Club

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Coming in strong at 37” H x 37” W x 21” D, we have this beautiful miniature couch that would look absolutely adorable in a child’s room. It has a beautiful pink color that adds a touch of color into whatever room it’s placed. It has a wooden frame with a total weight capacity of 132 pounds, but we are not given information about the material used to make the upholstery. We do know that the sofa is padded with foam and has a beautiful diamond-tufted backrest.

Kids Club Chair

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Next up, we have the Zoomie Kids couch, which is available in a black, a light blue, and light pink version. It measures 22.12” H x 33” W and has a weight capacity of 70 pounds. The frame is made from decently durable wood, while the upholstery is made from faux leather. That makes the surface really easy to clean by wiping it with a clean cloth. There is a bottom drawer located under the seating area, which could serve as a storage space for some books or magazines.

3 Piece Kids Chair and Ottoman Set

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

How can one not fall in love with that gorgeous hot pink couch which is actually set made from a sofa, an armchair, and an ottoman. The overall measurements are 19.5” H x 30” W x 15.75” D, with the ottoman measuring 6″ H x 9.75″ W x 9.75″ D and the chair measures 19.50″ H x 21″ W x 16” D. These pieces have removable slip covers, which should be a joy for moms because it makes the entire thing easier to clean. The set is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 4, and can accommodate two children.

Nadler Children’s Sleeper

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

One more couch for the road, with this one being literally a miniature version of an adult-size couch. It is designed for children between one and 7 years old, and it measures 25” H x 39” W, with the seat measurements being 10” H x 29” W x 16” D. The sofa unfolds into a bed with a mattress that has 6 inches in height and supports a total weight of 130 pounds. The foam-filled couch has a fire-retardant construction and offers a medium-firm seating surface. When unfolded, the sleeping area measures 47″L x 30″ W.

Aina Kids Sofa and Ottoman

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Just look at this adorable set with a sofa and an ottoman. The only downside to it is that white upholstery that could be a regular dirt magnet, but other than that, it’s just the cutest thing ever! It measures 16” H x 32.5” W x 16.5” D and has a weight capacity of 132 pounds. It has a wooden frame but doesn’t give details about the material used to make the upholstery. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the surface of the couch and the ottoman with a damp cloth and avoiding the use of strong liquid cleaners.

Mendonca Modular Kids Sofa and Ottoman

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Now we’re going to show you a couch that’s just as practical as it is adorable. It’s basically a love seat that comes with two ottomans that can be stacked above the seating area of the sofa, creating a compact piece of furniture that helps save space by actually getting the ottomans out of the way. That means that you can also place the ottomans in front of the couch and have a guest bed for when your child has a friend sleeping over. The overall dimensions are 16” H x 40” W x 20” D, measuring 40″ D x 8″ H when converted into a bed.

Agyen Kids Sofa with Ottoman

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Measuring 16” H x 32.5” W x 16.5” D and having a weight capacity of 132 pounds, we’d like to show you another amazing suggestion for parents looking for a quality sofa for their child’s room. It comes with a matching ottoman that adds functionality into the little one’s slice of Heaven, offering a cozy spot for reading a book, watching TV, or even playing with toys. It has a GREENGUARD Gold Certified choice of materials and black upholstery that can easily be cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Annapolis Kids Club Chair

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Let’s take a moment and admire the cuteness of this club chair, which is clearly designed for that little angel passionate and dreaming about becoming an astronaut. The space theme brings forth combinations of white, blue, and orange, all in a chair that measures 17” H x 20” W x 15” D and has a weight capacity of 110 pounds. It’s suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 4, and it combines an eucalyptus wooden frame with high-resilience sponge used in the padding.

Aguiar Kids Club Chair

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Check out this adorable chair, with its gentle pink shade and mermaid, unicorns, and diamond prints. It shares a lot of construction similarities with the Annapolis chair we shower you earlier, such as the fact that it can be used by children between the ages of 2 and 4, it has a Greenguard Gold Certified choice of materials, and has a weight capacity of 110 pounds. This model measures 17” H x 19” W x 15” D and has a seating area of 7” H x 11.5” W x 10.5” D.

Alethea Kids Club Sofa and Ottoman

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Want another cute suggestion for a pink children’s couch with a matching ottoman? Then you have to check out the Alethea. Coming in strong at 16.5” H x 33” W x 16” D, this is a product that can support a total weight of 132 pounds and offer a generous seating space, as well as a footrest for children that love to sit down and watch some cartoons or want a spot to sit down on and read their favorite books. It is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 4 and comes with upholstery with a glossy surface that’s super easy to clean.

Primary Kids Sofa

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

We absolutely adore this child sofa for a bunch of different reasons. First of all, for the fact that it’s a sectional couch made from seven different pieces in the colors red, blue, yellow, and green. It measures 18” H x 24.5” W x 19” D overall and has a total weight capacity of 200 pounds. The pieces are designed to be placed in a circle one next to the other, creating a very cozy and playful reading space. Not only is this something suitable for home use, but it can be a perfect addition to a daycare or a kindergarten as well.

Novelty Soft Seating

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

If you’re looking for something with a simpler design, check out this product by Children’s Factory. It is basically a giant U-shaped block of foam that’s covered in polyester upholstery. It’s the kind of product that you can easily wipe clean with a damp cloth and has foam seating that offers a decent amount of cushioning and comfort for your child. However, the small design and the resilience of the foam makes this product suitable for children under one year of age, as it was mostly created for babies who are just learning to stand and need a little help in doing so.

Paisleigh Kids Club Chair

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

How about a classy piece of furniture, the kind that you’d expect to see in the lobby of a fancy hotel, but in the size of a children’s sofa? Our next suggestion might measure only 20” H x 40” W x 30” D, but it has the construction and the detail to make it worthy of adult envy. It has a button-tufted backrest and a padded cushion that translates into comfort and a luxurious look, making your little one feel like a royalty. The massive rounded rolled arms are another fancy detail that we can’t ignore. Everything about this couch is just dreamy!

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Kids Club Chair with Ottoman

Looking for a throne fit for a king/queen? Then you’re going to love the crown-shaped design of this club chair. It is designed with a wooden frame that promises to support up to 110 pounds in weight. The high-density soft sponge that makes up the padding of the chair and the matching ottoman offer a high level of comfort even for children that tend to sit down a lot. The chair measures 19” H x 23” W x 16” D and comes in a beautiful shade of pink, with sparkling diamond-like stones to make this piece of furniture a true attraction in the room.

Bottom Line

When you’re shopping for a couch for your child, think about the safety of the materials, the size of the couch, but also the ease of cleaning. As a parent, you often find yourself without any free time left because of the many things that one needs to do when raising a kid, so investing in furniture that’s easy to clean should be a priority because it helps save time and effort. The rest, as I always like to say, is a matter of personal taste.