Kids Cafe Made of Cardboard

Kids are smaller replicas of their parents and they learn all the things they have to do in life by imitating them. So it is only natural to see them play their favourite game: let’s play adults! They mimic adults and try to behave just like them and, if you are a parent, you must admit that you can often see your kids using your very words on several occasions. So they pretend to be grown-ups and that is why they want their own “homes”, miniature houses made for their size where they can play this game better. So if kids see you, their parent, drinking coffee, they will “drink” imaginary coffee out of small plastic cups. ANd if you offer them a real cafe for this it’s like a dream come true.

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This beautiful French Cafe is designed especially for the kids to use either indoors or outdoors and it is made of cardboard. This way it is very easy to transport from one place to another and assemble quickly. It is vividly coloured and has everything a French Cafe is supposed to: coloured walls, a chalk board with the menu, windows, shutters and so on. You can place two small chairs or stools inside the cafe and your little girls will stay there for hours. You can purchase the item for $79.