Kids Bunk Beds from Mimondo

There are a lot of alternative varieties and designs of beds that may be the best for your child’s bedroom. Called “wave 2“, this bed has a unique design shaped like a process of architecture .If you want to get this furniture you can email at .



It’s a very practical idea for those who have more than 1 child. It saved space and it’s also very fun for the kids. They can play all sorts of games in there plus it allows them to climb on and hide. And if you’re worried about their safety, don’t be. It’s very durable and safe. The materials used are very solid and carefully chosen for this purpose. You might have some troubles assembling it but it’s not very difficult. And you can ask your kids to help, I’m sure they would be happy to do it. The beds have a friendly shape and they’re painted in a neutral tone of white, so they are perfect for girls as well as for boys.