Keyhole Mirror from Lawson-Fenning

Normally keyholes are those holes where you let the key when you want it handy in case you want to unlock or lock a certain door in your house. But sometimes people get curious and use these keyholes to peep through and find out what the people from the other side of the door are doing. Well, sometimes these keyholes are sources of inspiration for designers. For example this interesting mirror is shaped like a keyhole and is named after one. It is the Keyhole Mirror from Lawson-Fenning.

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The actual mirror is round, but it is inside a very interesting frame that looks like a keyhole. Then this stylized keyhole is further placed inside a rectangular frame, which makes it more attractive and interesting as design. The mirror frame is made of polished or antique brass and this shines and glitters in the sunlight that it brings light inside and makes spaces look wider. It looks great against a grey or dark coloured wall and values your home or maybe a hotel room at its best. It is big enough to cover a living room wall (22″W x 52″H) and  can be bought for an estimated price of 1,450. Contact the guys from Lawson-Fenning for further details regarding the purchase.