Kettal Bitta outdoor furniture collection

Kettal Bitta is a collection of outdoor furniture that includes dining armchairs, stools, 2 and 3 seat sofas, corner and central modules, daybeds and swings. It’s a modular collection and because it includes so many pieces, they can be combined in any way you want in order to obtain the perfect décor for your personal outdoor space.

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The costumer has the freedom to choose any combination of products he wants and to match them in order to obtain the optimal décor for the space available. All the pieces from this collection are made from aluminum frames, polyester seats and bedsides and teak and stone table tops. Moreover, the materials used are waterproof. The chairs, stools, sofas and beds also have extremely comfortable cushions.

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As for the design, it’s dense braiding that looks compact but still lets the air through. This type of design is similar to the braiding of the ropes used to moor boats, hence the name (Bitta means mooring in Italian).

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The pieces come in natural colors, being easy to integrate in just about any décor. Because the materials used for this collection are waterproof, the pieces are perfect for outdoor use. However, the cushions should be protected because they can get easily deteriorated. Take a look at the whole collection and choose the pieces you like or that best fit your outdoor space.