Keeping The House Clean Every Week: A Schedule

It’s a challenge to keep your house in tip top shape from week to week. We all have busy schedules and hectic lives. We have families. We have pets. We have kiddos running rampant. But, if we don’t stop and make a schedule to get things accomplished around our homes, we’ll lose the style, edge and chicness we worked so hard to create! Take our tips to heart and write down this quick and easy schedule.


Kitchen cabinets monday

Today is the day to tackle the counters and the floors. Monday’s are hectic and no one wants to get things done. But these are lighter chores that still get something marked off the list. Wipe down all your surfaces real quick. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, office – this can be done incredibly fast. Then get your floors done too, sweep, mop and dust!


Living Room Design1

Quick pickup is today’s motto. Go around to every room and pick up the excess. Take out the trash and clean up any clutter in your way. Put the toys in the toy box and the books on the shelf. Fold up any unraveled blankets and create an organized feel.


Laundry room design

Get your laundry going. It’s the middle of the week and once Thursday hits you’ll want to get ready for the weekend. So, get your whites and favorite pair of jeans done today! Of course you can do light loads in your downtime around the week, but today is the day to really make a dent in the workload.


Optimized Bathroom1

Unfortunately, before the weekend hits, it’s time to do some bathroom clean up. Get out the toilet brushes and the Lysol because you need to deep clean those powder rooms! These are high traffic areas and although it’s good to do daily wipe downs, Thursday’s is our pick to really get them shining.


Clean bedroom design

Friday is great for any rearranging or reorganizing. It’s also a great day to home projects like painting or fixing. And if you don’t have anything to do, get a head start on Saturday for more weekend time off!


House design

Today is for all the quick chores. Windex the mirrors and the windows and dust anything that looks like it needs a quick pick me up. This is also the perfect day to get the outside work done. Clean the gutters, cut the grass, pull the weeds, power wash the siding – you have extra time use it wisely before your Saturday night date!


Big Chill Kitchen white and blue

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen needs some deep cleaning too. And Sunday is the day to do it! While you’re planning the weekly meals, scrub the sink and make sure all your appliances and ready for the days ahead. It’s also a great day to go through all the food in the fridge and throw out anything that isn’t any good anymore.

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