Kedo K-5 Carbon Fiber Coffee Table

Carbon fiber is a material usually used for cars. However, since we’re such a smart and ingenious race, we though it could also be used for furniture, to make it more durable. There are many pieces of furniture and not only that are made using real carbon fiber. For example, we’ve showed you early the carbon fiber bathtub. Now it’s time for the Kedo K-5 Carbon Fiber Coffee Table.

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This is one coffee table made to last for generations. It’s made in Italy using real carbon fiber. It also features a sheet of extra clear grade glass for the top and two curvaceous, carbon fiber end pieces, thick steel bases and two steel rods connecting the two end pieces. The final design is simple, stylish and eye-catching. Because of the materials used, the table is light, easy to move around and extra safe and durable.

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Because of the materials and the complex process involved in the creation of this product, the delivery will take between 6 and 7 weeks. The coffee table weights 50.8 pounds and it doesn’t require assembly. The dimensions of this unusual piece are 49.7” L x 27.6” W x 13.8” H. Other similar products, also made from carbon fiber, are the Kedo S-3 Ritratto Carbon Fiber Statue by Romano Costi, the Kedo V-7 Carbon Fiber Artisan Tray and the Kedo X-1 Carbon Fiber Lounge Chair.Available for $2,540.