KARTELL Optic Storage Cube

When you think of a chair you imagine a normal chair made of wood with four legs and a back rest. However, many people, including myself, would like things to be a bit more original than that , a bit less apparent. So I enjoy finding unusual things that are hard to guess what you can use for. For example this amazing KARTELL Optic Storage Cube designed by Patrick Jouin is a colourful cube, as you can see from the picture, but you could hardly guess its utility.

These cubes are made of transparent or batch dyed PMMA, which is a kind of plastic, so they are not heavy and breakable. They can be open or closed, having a door or lid for closing the things inside. The cubes can be used for anything you might think of, starting from stool, side table, coffee table, storage unit and so on. You can use only one cube when needed or maybe combine many cubes, place them on top of each other and obtain a cool wall made of different colors. Except for the obvious usefulness, these cubes also have a great visual impact because of the translucent multicoloured facets , so you can use them for decorative purposes, too. The price of such a cube starts from £155.00.