Karlstad Sofa from IKEA

I find sofas very useful, especially in small homes like mine. And the creators of these sofas, like Tord Björklund who designed this nice Karlstad Sofa from IKEA had this brilliant idea to make sofas expendable. That means that you can fold them when you do not sleep in them and you can unfold them and turn them into very comfortable beds to sleep in. So no more sofas that are made just for keeping the guests seated while having a talk or maybe a glass of wine at your place on a Sunday afternoon. This sofa is available in IKEA stores, but you can also buy it online for $849. The sofa is very comfortable as its cushions are filled with high-resilient polyurethane foam and polyester fiber and that makes them perfect for seating or sleeping.

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What’s very interesting and also useful about this sofa, except the fact that you can turn it into a bigger bed, is the fact that it offers storage space under the cushions. SO you can put the blankets you do not use there, some cushions, pillows or whatever you might want to store and can be pleated and fit the small space there. The sofa has a very nice cotton cover that can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. The frame of the sofa is made of plywood and fiberboard and the legs are made of birch wood.