Karlsson Spider Clock

Spiders are not very beautiful insects, but they can be really interesting because of the web they weave with great skill and use it for hunting afterwards. A spider’s body is simple in design and as interesting as its work: a round body in the middle, surrounded by long thin legs on the sides. It is sort of funny, but this description also applies to this Karlsson Spider Clock. And except for the stylized shape, they do not share anything else. This clock is beautiful and colourful, with a strong round shaped center where you can see the clock arms showing time, with the clock mechanism on the back.

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Every “leg” has a coloured ball at the end and also represents a number that should be on the clock dial. The whole disc is divided into small parts that are supposed to stand for five minutes and each time the colour of the ball changes. The clock is perfect to be placed against a white background, as it will bring a touch of youth and will value its design best. The clock is made of metal and plastic and is big enough to be noticed – 32 cm diameter. It needs one AA battery to work and you can purchase it for £50.00 from Urban Outfitters.