Kaleidolight for Outdoor Lighting

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your own private constellation on the wall of your house when you stay out in the garden or patio in the warm summer nights with a clear sky? You can even choose the colour of your stars and their number. Hey, you don’t have to wake up, as you are not dreaming – this is real and it is called Kaleidolight, a kind of word combination between kaleidoscope and light.

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This is actually modular glass lighting because the constellation I was only dreaming about is made of many glass tubes of different colours or having the same colour for a more powerful visual impact. All these tubes are then fixed in the house wall on the outside according to a pre-established pattern.

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This way you will be able to have different lit patterns on the wall of your house, thanks to Ali Ganjavian. He was the one who created this glass tube with an aluminum lid and an interior aluminum line that gets incandescent and casts light onto the glass of different colours surrounding it. All these tubes then go into the wall and get fixed there, but the visual effect created is amazing.