Kaleido collection Round Beds by Euroform

There is no arguing the fact that the round beds enliven the bed room surroundings way better than the conventional rectangular ones. But, to be able to accommodate those round beds in a bed room, it is almost necessary that the bedroom is spacious enough. Beds like the Kaleido collection from Euroform better suite a surrounding when they are placed in the centre of a room and such a privilege is available only in the larger rooms.

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These round beds look very attractive and give the bedroom a very luxurious feel, making it an ideal place to rest. The Kaleido collection round beds are carved out of pinewood and can be covered by eco-leather or fabrics depending on the buyers choice.

Nowadays the bedroom designs have changed significantly than the ones from a few years ago. People have finally realized that the bed doesn’t necessarily have to sit near the wall and more important than that, it doesn’t have to be rectangular. So round beds are very appreciated these days. They completely change the design of the room.

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Kaleido collection Round Beds by EuroformView in gallery

They have much softer and friendly lines and they seem to be more functional as well. And these bed examples are very beautiful and elegant. The collection presented here is modern and simple but yet sophisticated. There are multiple color options to choose from, according to your personality and style.