Kajen Public Bench by Thomas Bernstrand

Outdoor benches come in a huge variety of  sizes and materials from wood to metal, traditional to contemporary, with or without a backrest, the list is endless. Designed by Thomas Bernstrand, the Kajen Public Bench is a very interesting and comfortable public seating furniture. Similar with Titikaka Bench, the Kajen Public Bench is awesome also for indoor.

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Not a lot of people think about street furniture. And I can say that I have never seen a bench with footrest before. It’s a brilliant idea that should be seriously taken into consideration for future designs. I always put my feet on the bench when I’m sitting in the park and someone always stops to tell me that it’s not nice or polite or whatever. But there’s a reason why people do that. It’s because they need a place to rest their feet.

Kajen Public Bench by Thomas Bernstrand2

In my opinion, all outdoor benches should be replaces with new ones, just like this one. But that of course is not going to happen. Until then the best solution would be to simply buy your own bench that you can enjoy in your own space and in nay way you want.