Kaas Glassworks Fern Plates

In the past, when people have just discovered how to make glass out of melted sand, glass was considered something like a special and very expensive item, something rare and valued that was very difficult to obtain since it was hand or mouth blown , so everybody loved it. In the meantime glass has become a common thing and usual in the kitchen. However, every once in a while, some people who love making glass and turn it into art form, add some imagination and obtain incredible things. My example for today are the Kaas Glassworks Fern Plates.

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Actually these are some very nice and detailed prints found on the flea market that are afterwards reprinted and placed under the glass. The result is amazing. You can use these plates as actual plates for serving dinner or simply as decorative plates hanging on the walls or displayed in your kitchen cabinet. Whatever your decision, the design is great and you can get to choose from a variety of models. I like the ones with fern since they look so lively and natural. You can find out more on the web site of Kass Glassworks and also how to order these items for $78 each. Oh, I forgot to mention the little shop is located in West Village, New York.