Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday present from himself: a $10.8 million property in Hollywood Hills

Today we’re going to take a look at this beautiful property located in Hollywood Hills. It’s a $10.8 million property and it belongs to Ashton Kutcher. He decided to rent the place for $50,000 a month after him and his wife Demi Moore split in November. The residence was five spacious bedrooms and it covers a total of 9,400 square feet.

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The house itself is quite beautiful and luxurious. It features a large living room with glass walls that offer expansive views over Lake Hollywood. It also includes a private movie theatre, a bar area and a gym and massage room. Moreover, there’s a large state-of0the-art gourmet kitchen. All the rooms are very beautiful and spacious. They have spotlight in the ceilings and beautiful wooden floors. Also, each room has its own theme while also following a central theme.

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The bedrooms are particularly cozy. They are spacious and airy and the glass walls provide wonderful views over the surrounding landscape. The living area is also connected to terrace. It includes a modern fireplace and simple and modern furniture. The dining room is not overly large and yet it has a very distinguished look.

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The chairs are particularly eye-catching, with those royal details. The kitchen is huge and fully equipped. It’s obvious that Ashton has an eye for style and elegance. The residence is imposing but humble at the same time. The furniture or the interior design are not at all flashy. Everything is simple and minimalist with just the right touch of luxury. It’s too bad he decided to rent it. You never know who might move in next.{found on dailymail}.