Not Just For The Front Porch: Other Creative Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

It’s no surprise that jack-o-lanterns are abundant at this time of year; after all, I think they were invented specifically for Halloween. (Don’t quote me on that, though.) It’s definitely fun to carve a jack and place him, where else?, on the front porch steps. But if you’re looking to do something a little different this year, consider these alternatives that are just as festive:

Driveway halloween decor
Admittedly not a far cry from the traditional front porch placement, jack-o-lanterns perched on or near a home’s perimeter set a celebratory tone for the whole property. These jack-o-lanterns greet all who pass by or enter through these Pebble Beach entry gates. What I like about this idea is that the smiling gourds provide a simple touch of festivity without going over-the-top.

Jack o lantern yard light
Got a street lamp in your front yard? Got a plastic pumpkin? Then you’ve got a fun piece of décor for the entire neighborhood. The happy jack-o-lantern lamp looks cheerful both during the day and at night. Plus – bonus! – you don’t have to carve a thing.{found on site}.

Backyard halloween pumpkins decor
Speaking of plastic jacks, if you want to start collecting a few more, you could easily decorate the entire landscape. Intermingled with plants and shrubs, these plastic spheres are easy (and kid-friendly) to set up and take down. I love the unexpected random placement of these; it’s a little spookier that way, I think.{image from site}.

Funny peek a boo pumpkins

A la Easter egg hunts, you could consider hiding your jack-o-lanterns in unexpected places. What a fun treat for small visitors to go hunting for the jacks, especially if they magically moved places between visits! Transferring this idea to the outside of your home, you could “hide” them in pots, planters, peering over the fence, etc.

Night pumpkinds
Although this setup is much more dramatic than the average person’s yard, what with the glowing mist and full moon and all, I think the idea behind the scene is great. Place your jack-o-lanterns somewhere where you can gain a better vantage point, and enjoy their glow from afar (preferably with battery-operated votives, for fire safety purposes).

Table decor pumpkins
This is a great idea for those of you who have an exterior table of some sort, be it a deck dining table, patio bench, or picnic table in the backyard. Carve a pumpkin and set them on the table with some other natural garnishes. Wham-o! The look is instantly festive and ready for a dinner party.