Jungle-Themed Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration

Jungle-themed nurseries are playful and adventurous and perfect for your new little worldly explorer. They’re a great option for those who want to decorate a nursery without knowing if you’re having a little boy or girl. And the colors create a zen, soothing atmosphere come nap time.

Greens, yellows and chocolate browns come together to create a mini-trip to the jungle! So, whether you want to go over-the-top safari  theme or have a light sprinkling of stuffed elephants and cheetah prints … use these decorating tips to make the jungle nursery of your baby’s dreams!

1. Use soft greens and yellows.

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If you want to keep the room natural and zen then use softer jungle tones. Golden-yellows and minty-greens are great for creating something jungle-themed without making it over-the-top.

2. Be subtle.

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If you want something more subdued with just a touch of the jungle, try using subtle nods to the animals and forest. These pretty wall decals and elephant side-table aren’t overdone but are still really playful.

3. Fun animal art is a must.

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You’ve got to have some fun animal wall art. It doesn’t matter if you’re bolder in color and decor or softer and more subtle, you’ve got to find some awesome art to bring the jungle-theme full circle. These cute ones are from Etsy!

4. Create a wall mural.

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Jungle-themed nurseries are a great excuse to create a wall mural! Animals, trees, flowers … there are so many different things to paint and make! And it’ll be a lot of fun.

5. Be Bold.

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If you’re feeling bold, don’t be afraid to take a chance with bright, rich colors and super fun accessories … make it feel like you’re actually in the jungle! And it’ll be great stimulation for your baby.

6. Find some great stuffed animals.

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If there was ever a time to fill a room with stuffed animals, it’s this one. A jungle-themed nursery calls for lots of giant giraffes, lions and monkeys!

7. Choose a favorite animal focal point.

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If you’re partial to monkeys and even hippos, create an oasis. Choose your favorite animal and have that be the focal point of the entire room and decor. And these super cute monkey decals can be found on Etsy!

8. Get creative.

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Draw on the ceilings and criss-cross vines around the room for monkeys to swing from. Make your room come to life with your imagination!

Check out the rest of these super inspiring jungle-themed baby nurseries and grab some ideas!

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