JSJ Apartment in Portugal by Filipe Melo Oliveira

This specific apartment is loaded with all modern amenities and features. You can not imagine that this is the transformation of and outdated apartment into modern high class apartment. In this high quality apartment you will get maximum space and updated features. There are every rooms is well furnished with high quality materials.

Jsj apartment 2

The bathrooms, kitchens, and halls are well structured.  In this apartment white color is mostly used and both artificial light and natural light will be treated with care. There is all rooms and furniture is fit in to the ergonomics concept. It means you will get all comforts during your work.

Jsj apartment 1

Jsj apartment 8

Jsj apartment 7

Jsj apartment 6

Jsj apartment 5

Jsj apartment 4

There are some curved bookcases and hidden doors available in this apartment. There is basically emphasized to utilize the available space of the apartment. You will get all modern features in this high quality architecture. There are elegant and exclusive furniture is used to decorate this apartment. You will have the great experience here.{ Photography: João Morgado }.