Joyful Snowman CD Christmas Tree Ornament

These days I saw so many things that can become Christmas Tree ornaments from dried fruits, candy canes, toys, even photos so that the traditional Christmas Tree ornaments seem a little bit out of fashion even if they are still favored by everybody. All these images gave me some ideas and made me think of the way I would like to dress up my Christmas tree this year. Perhaps I will preserve the traditional lights, Christmas balls, sparkling garlands and candies even if I am tempted to add some original ornaments which can be handmade.

Snowman cd ornament

The next DIY project gave me an idea. It refers to the use of some old CDs which can become some beautiful Christmas Tree ornaments .The whole process is very simple, you do not need too many materials, does not take you too much time and the result is amazing.All you need are some old CDs with shiny sides, snowman graphics and some Aleene’s Glitter Snow. On each side of the CD you need to glue snowman graphics and then on the edge of the CD you need to add some Aleene’s Glitter Snow. The joyful faces of these snowman graphics make them look funny and nice and are the perfect Christmas decorations for a cheerful Christmas Tree.