Joyful Mitab Button with Swedish Fabrics by Form Us With Love

It is summer and the warm rays of the sun caress my face and the cool and gentle blow of the wind makes me feel wonderful. I am in the middle of a field with thousands of colored flowers which fill me up with beauty and joy. The buzz of a bee is bothering my lazy and dreamy mood and I try to catch it. It is quiet and I realize that it was all a beautiful and relaxing dream.

Mitab button with swedish fabrics form us with love thumb 52

I am on my terrace and the beautiful and joyful Mitab Button poufs inspired my dream and made me travel to wonderful lands.

These three, round, lovely poufs represent a version of FUWL’s Button pouf for Mitab. They are made of floral Swedish fabrics and the button is used for employing spare or waste material parts for the cover. It is also the centre part of the pouf where the material pieces meet together and it keeps everything in place.

These little,cute and  colorful poufs can be perfect for an outdoor terrace or your kid’s bedroom. Their white background and the wonderful  floral motifs will create a joyful atmosphere, full of color and which will inspire you happiness, good mood and optimism.