Joyful DIY Sombrero Lights

For those who are nostalgic about the sunny and colorful and the exotic summer season here it is great DIY project that refers to DIY Sombrero Lights which might transform the interior of their room into a warm and colorful place. All you need is to think of those lovely sombrero hats which will make you think of the exotic people of Mexico where you can see them wearing these specific huge hats which they make them so special.

Sombrero lights

These colorful sombrero hats are part of the traditional Mexican suit and make you think of those Mexican Latino singers who used to sing all kinds of serenades for the couples of lovers who wanted to express their romanticism and love or those who were having a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant, playing their guitars with a lot of energy, passion and enthusiasm. Their joyful image makes you feel happy and full of life.

For this lovely DIY project you will need some colorful sombrero hats, some light bulbs, a box knife and a hook. The process is really simple as you start with making an “X” in the top of a sombrero, using a box knife and thread a pendant light and cord unit through the opening from the underside of the hat. Then string up the sombrero from the ceiling with a hook.{found on freshhomeideas}