Joyful “Bouli” Funiture by Noti

If you love to walk, going out, see the new shops or just visiting the city at a certain moment you will need a place to rest for a few moments. Your legs might lose their strength and your body might become weak. A few moments of rest would bring you new forces and would definitely recharge your batteries. Sometimes there are public spaces where seats may be missing. This is an unpleasant situation and you usually must find a solution for your tired feet. A restaurant, a café, benches on a hall, these are just some ideas that you may think of.

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In Poland, the manufacturer Noti created an unconventional furniture series called “Bouli”. The company thought of all these moments when people need to rest a little bit and tried to make their moments of relaxation more pleasant and provide them a maximum comfort. It is a series designed for public spaces which includes all sorts of seats that have special and funny forms. You may enjoy some swaying modules or some relaxing sofas that will provide you comfort and a nice place to sit.

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Their nice shapes and beautiful colors like red, yellow or blue will definitely create a cheerful place and a lovely warm ambiance. They are available in two and three person versions so that you can share your place with someone dear to you.“Bouli” is a type of eye catching furniture that will definitely attract kids too and those who love unconventional and modern pieces of furniture.Available on site.