Jordi Mila’s Unique Bookshelf

Nowadays designers come up with all sorts of interesting concepts that make us realize how important those things are for us. In this case, the Spanish designer Jordi Mila is the one who created something interesting and unique, another kind of bookshelf. It is unique because it has the shape of a tree and this is the reason why it is called “the Wisdom Tree”. If you ask yourself why “the tree of wisdom” and not something different, you will answer yourself right away if you think about the fact that books are actually sources of knowledge and even feelings and you agree with this name.

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We all have a bookshelf at home where to keep those friends that never fail, but it depends on each of us how it looks like. The bookshelf in the picture is definitely a modern piece of furniture, perfect for your books. It was inspired by the way a plant grows and it has a fluid and organic shape at the same time.

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The books, arranged on many different branches and shelves, in a very original manner, represent the “fruit” of this tree.  Our tree-bookshelf does not occupy a large space and it is so modern and inviting that it is quite difficult not to want such a piece in your house, no matter it is red, white or black. If you want to have a different perspective over life and over knowledge, try the “wisdom tree”!