Joe Ledbetter Piggy Bank

Children are excited to save money. Whether they realize the real value of money or not, they like the sound of coins falling on top of other coins inside the belly of a piggy bank. They can have some goal for gathering all the money for example buying a car or a doll, depending on preferences. But they often forget about this goal and just enjoy the piggy bank as a toy or a decoration for their room. This Joe Ledbetter Piggy Bank is the perfect gift for a kid. You can choose the colour between blue for boys and pink for girls.

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This piggy bank is fat and funny and is designed by the famous Joe Ledbetter from Los Angeles that is a painter at base. ANy way, The pig has a nice design that is very appreciated by kids and is not only a round shape, but it has all the details a pig should have, like the four legs, the ears and the nose, all three dimensional, not just painted. The item is not on the market yet, but you can pre-order it for $35.