“Jar of fireflies” lamp

When I was little I wanted to catch fireflies in a jar and make them light me way at night when I slept in my room. I really do not remember if there were some cartoons on TV with this or it was my imagination or maybe I read a story about this, but the point is I was not the only one with this kind of ideas. Apparently the designer who created this beautiful “Jar of fireflies” lamp had it, too. It is called Dreamlight and is uses solar energy to lit, which is totally eco-friendly and very cheap, too.

Urban light masonjar

The lamp is shaped like a real jar , with a metal handle that you can use to move the lamp from one place to another, where you want to stroll or sleep. There is also a metal lid which protects the small 6 LEDs inside. The glass jar allows the LEDs to cast their light around the rechargeable battery keeps them glowing for a long time. Since the batteries charge from the sunlight, you should place them somewhere where they come into direct contact with it during the day and let it fully charge. The six LEDs will then look like six fireflies held captive in a jar. Make the fairy-tales come true with this amazing looking lamp for $35.