Japanese House by Kazujuki Okumura

Japan has both modern and traditional styles of housing. The Japanese House designed by Kazujuki Okumura has a minimalist look with its box-modules, and of course lots of great light. The architect use the wood for facades and I’m sure that inside there is at least one traditional Japanese room, called a washitsu.

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Like most of the Japanese  home designs, this one is also very inspiring. It’s simple, with a minimalist look and with very nice and modern features. The wood used in the structure is a material often associated with the coziness and the warmth that a family home usually has.

From far away it doesn’t look like a family home. Not even when you get more closer, it still looks strange. The garage is probably the feature that gives you a clue that someone might actually live in there. But we already know that the Japanese people are very ingenious and original so this is not such a big surprise to anyone.