Stylish Dining Rooms Infused With Japanese Character

The simplicity of Japanese interior design has been an inspiration for a lot of designers and for anyone who loves the style. Japanese-inspired dining rooms offer a rather different point of view on things, treating the space in a more casual and simplistic manner than the one we’re used to. So if you’re planning a makeover for your dining room or for a different area of your home, check out the furniture and décor options we’ve selected so far.

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design 3

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design 2

Traditional Japanese Dining Room Furniture from Hara Design 1
First off, let’s start with a beautiful collection from Hara Design. The combo you see here features the Zaisu chairs. The most prominent details about them is the fact they have no legs. The style is specific to Japanese dining sets. The chairs are very simple and have comfortable seat cushions and backrests and they come in several versions and colors, all including natural wood tones and lacquered finishes.

Modern japanese style dining room

Japanese dining rooms don’t use chairs like the ones we’re used with. Typically, everyone simply sits directly on the floor around the table. However, if you find this transition a bit too harsh, try replacing your regular dining chairs with minimalist stools. It’s a great first step towards switching to a Japanese style.

japanese Style furniture for dining room

The next step can to replace the chairs or stools with floor cushions. Naturally, this also means a very low table is needed. An interesting concept is the dining table that becomes flush with the floor when not in use, clearing the room of furniture and allowing it to serve a different function.

Living room with a sunken area for dining

This interesting system works for just about any type of table, whether it’s big, small, square or rectangular. The floor features a hollow space which allows the table to be lowered and hidden in there. When used, the space inside the floor provides a nice place to rest the feet for a more comfortable position.

Japanese style dining - living room design

Japanese and Asian interiors are defined by simplicity. There’s usually very little furniture in such a room. A dining room, for example, would only include a low table and a bunch of floor pillows which can be easily stacked and stored in a cabinet. The same characteristics are also featured by the living room. Apply these ideas to the room you wish to decorate and seek inspiration without trying to awkwardly copy the look.

Floor seating for meditation room

Floor cushions are very popular in Asian homes. They allow the users to sit closer to the ground and thus establish a special relationship with this area of a room we often ignore. Area rugs are not typically a part of a room’s design. Instead, the wooden floor is left bare and exposed. Wood is an important element in the décor.

Low black coffee table design

A Japanese-inspired living room can look really chic with a small area rug, a low coffee table at its center and a few small floor pillows spread around it. Put a lamp in the corner and use simple, open shelves for storage. Combine wood with fabrics and simple colors to create a comfortable and fresh ambiance without overwhelming the space.