Jacuzzi Luxema 8000 with Bar, TV and Sound System

Having a pool in your back yard was a few years ago proof that you are doing well and you are financially potent. Then the Jacuzzi was the attraction. Now only by having a pool and a Jacuzzi you can fully express your well-being. Believe it or not these things go out of fashion relatively fast and new innovations want to set new standards in hot attractions.

Luxema 8000

So forget your old in-ground swimming pool and get trendy with the newest back yard acquisition. Describing this thing as huge might just not do it. Why? Because this Luxema 8000 is a over-sized Jacuzzi along with a generous swimming pool. These two different side by side attractions are complemented by a Bar, a flat screen TV and a sound system that will rock your world.  Manufactured by SPAmbient in Slovenia this spectacular Jacuzzi weighs 1500 Kg and needs around 10.000 liters of water to fill it up.

Divided in two sections, this tub has been fitted with 9 water pumps and around 130 jets that can create a strong current in the swimming pool, very similar to those found in nature. Spa lovers can now enjoy an amazing product without wrecking their back yard with heavy machinery to dig a big hole and make it hold water.  This clean solution that will set you back by at least $ 26,000 only needs water and some eager friends to try it.