Jacuzzi Aquasoul in Lounge and Extra


For many homeowners, the bathroom is becoming more than just a water closet. It’s becoming a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Creative redesigners are taking their cues from upscale spas and hotels, making their bathrooms into a luxurious oasis in the home. Designed by Carlo Urbinati, the Aquasoul tubs are offered in two different models of Lounge and Extra. Aquasoul lounge features a single hydro-massage seat available in the built-in and paneled corner versions. The simple and clean shape with the reassuringly soft lines is inspired by the cast iron bathtubs of bygone days.


Aquasoul Extra is comfortable, ergonomic, and generous for extreme inner space exploitation. The suspended J-panels that lift the bath off the ground for an intimate and private cocooning experience give it a lighter appearance.Available in the built-in and free-standing versions, the tub comes with a led spot light that surrounds them in an aura of magic.