Jackie Astier’s unique family home

Jackie Astier is an editor and stylist with a very unique spirit. She’s a theatrical person and this can also be seen wherever she goes. However, we were curious to see how her home looks like. She lives on the Upper East Side with her husband Jean-François and their two daughters. The apartment is filled with unique pieces of furniture. You might think that the fact that she lives with some of the world’s finest furniture boutiques right outside her door must count for something but you would be wrong.Jackie Astier prefers to buy her furniture on eBay. She developed a real talent for hunting furniture on the internet and not only. She has a lot of ingenious and original ideas.

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One of them was to let her daughters exercise their talent as graffiti artists. It was after she spotted some patent-leather panels on a sidewalk on Madison Avenue. She took them home and gave her daughters permanent markers so that they could draw on the panels.

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She then displayed their work on the hallway so that everyone can admire it while relaxing in the living room. But the apartment has 10 rooms so there are a lot more interesting things to see inside. The furniture seems to be the star. Jackie Astier carefully chose each piece and she knows exactly where it comes from. Most of the furniture was moved from one place to another when the family changed apartments. They managed to trade their 6-room apartment for this 10-room piece located in the same building. They were able to pack, move and unpack in the same day.

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They took most of their furniture with them but they also managed to trade of the pieces for something that Jackie found more interesting. As a result, the apartment is indeed original. It’s a place that this family can truly call home.{found on elledecor}.