Ivo Tavares Interior Design Pictures for Interdesign Interiores

Ivo Tavares is a photographer from Portugal who exposed his portfolio with photos of interior designs. He offers a new perspective over the way in which  interior designs can be regarded. Ivo’ s photos prove good taste and a unique style of composition. The angles are very appropriate, he catches the essence, but also fine features of the rooms.

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For example, the candle-shaped table is one of the most interesting objects, the dining room is special thanks to the tall cabinets on chrome bases, the floor to ceiling drapery gives an elegant air to the entire atmosphere. What is very interesting is the fact that the furniture seems to be huge, as if it is the most important element of the entire space.

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This draws the attention upon the scale of different things, but in general, proportions are kept; the furniture is very important for the owner and that’s why it occupies enough room. The tables are large, so are the beds, the chairs, the sofas and the wide glass windows, which give that impression of a even larger space and this idea is emphasized also by the white simple walls which provide elegance for the entire place. Everything is modern, fashionable and proves an airy feeling and a general comfort in this shiny, glamorous world.