A Bachelor Pad That Will Swipe You Off Your Feet With Its Stylish Design

It’s not everyday you come across a bachelor pad that defies all the standards. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, this penthouse loft was designed by Ofist, a team of talented architects and designers with a desire to connect their projects to the city and culture that surrounds them without making them cliches.

Karakoy loft living room turkeyView in gallery

Karakoy loft living roomView in gallery

First of all, we have to admire how harmonious the space feels, despite it being so vast and simple. The seating area occupies part of the open floor plan and is characterized by a chic black and white combo with red accents. Notice the simple and masculine shapes and designs featured here.

Karakoy loft high ceiling hats lightingView in gallery

What’s wonderful is that the space feels warm and inviting, even though it has this striking masculine vibe. That’s because of the wood-paneled walls and ceiling. Skylights pierce the high ceiling letting light in and stylish pendant lights shaped like hats by Jake Phipps frame them.

Karakoy loft living viewView in gallery

Karakoy loft living view polished concrete floorView in gallery

From up here you can also see the polished concrete floor which has a subtle checkerboard pattern. Chic, sophisticated and also versatile, polished concrete floors are considered a prime choice for modern homes.

Karakoy loft concrete kitchen metalic shelves openView in gallery

Karakoy loft concrete kitchen metalic shelvesView in gallery

Karakoy loft kitchen firewood open spaceView in gallery

On the either side of the room, one wall was reserved for storage. A simple system was designed with iron rods. It harmoniously includes storage for spices, firewood, dishes and a variety of other things and connects the kitchen and dining areas. A simple-looking fireplace stands out with its robust design.

Karakoy loft concrete kitchen countertopView in gallery

The concrete kitchen island along with the industrial light fixture as well as a series of other significant elements offer character to the space and allow it to make rough finishes look stylish. The concrete block steps down and forms the cantilevered dining table.

Karakoy loft metalic floating stairs1View in gallery

The stairs that lead upstairs are very interesting. They’re metallic and floating in sets of two, with a minimalist design, simple, straight lines and clean geometric shapes.

Karakoy loft metalic floating stairsView in gallery

Their design and shape changes depending on where you’re standing. A very interesting detail that puts the simplicity of the design into perspective.

Karakoy loft bedroom1View in gallery

Karakoy loft bedroomView in gallery

Moving upstairs, we find the private zone with a spacious sleeping area and bathroom. The wood adds warmth to the space making it feel cozy and also adds a very nice glow to the floor which has a very smooth, uninterrupted surface for a pleasant feel.

Karakoy loft bathroom2View in gallery

Karakoy loft bathroom1View in gallery

Karakoy loft bathroomView in gallery

The bathroom was already spacious and the mirrored wall makes it feel even larger. The industrial style makes it presence noticed here as well where most of the materials and colors were chosen to reflect the function that this place has: a stylish bachelor pad.