ISO System 216 – a very bright and fun sideboard

During summer season everything seems to be brighter and lighter. The sun is up in the sky, the weather is nice, you can dress casual, you get to go on vacation, swim and have fun at the beach etc. Since the atmosphere is go great outside, why not bring it inside the house as well?

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A simple way of doing that is by choosing colorful piece of furniture that add a little spark to the décor. A nice example is the ISO System 216. It’s a sideboard that features a minimalist design and very bright and vivid colors. It’s called ISO System 216 because it’s based on paper sizes using international standard ISO. It all makes sense now. The sideboard has multiple drawers that allow easy storage. Each drawer is colored in a different tone. They vary from yellow to green and everything in between. It’s a very fun piece of furniture that has a very simple design. It’s also very versatile as it can be included in the bedroom and used as a dresser or even in the kitchen where there is a lot of stuff that needs storage.

Minimalist sideboard in bright colors of summerView in gallery

The sideboard has very fun puzzling design and the colors really go with the festive summer atmosphere. This being said, I wonder what one should do with this sideboard when summer is over. It’s not like we have 4 different types of furniture, one for every season.{found on invisiblecity}