Isla Mirrored Nesting Tables

Tastes are very different, depending on people and they must not and should not be judged because they can’t be explained – they just are the way they are. I can’t explain why my favourite colour is pink and my sister’s is red. That is the main reason why furniture manufacturers have a very wide range of options, so that you can find the right piece of furniture you both like and that fits in your house, too. These Isla Mirrored Nesting Tables are not for every people, as they are a bit too pretentious. What is so unique about them is the fact that they have mirrored surfaces and this is not for every taste.

Canvas 1024x453

These tables are nesting, meaning the small one fits the space under the bigger one perfectly, so you can store them easily and save some room at the same time. The table design is elegant and nice, being a charming presence in your room. The table has a tulipwood solid frame and engineered hardwood with chamfered corners.

The tapered legs offer enough support and the drawer with a rounded shape is very useful for keeping small items. The mirrored surface does not cover the whole table, as the top is pretty simple, but where it does there is also a nice and shiny silver leaf finish. The cost of the set is $599.