Irregular After Matisse rug by Sonya Winner

When buying rugs, people usually choose patterns and colors that match with the furniture or simple designs that go with everything. They usually opt for neutral colors . What they don’t realize is that the rug is a great accessory that can be used to add some color and fun to the room. A perfect example in this case is the “After Matisse” rug designed by Sonya Winner.

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The “After Matisse” rug has an irregular shape and a very interesting design. It looks like a collage of squares of different shapes and colors that are superposed forming new color combinations. The result is a 3D effect and a very beautiful splash of color. The tones used are very vibrant. The designer integrated all the colors of the rainbow in a way that makes it look random. The rug is great for modern homes but a traditional home could also benefit from it. It would be a very nice addition to a minimalist room, with neutral colors. It would be a great color accent that would make the room complete.

Sw 260711 01 630x889

The nice thing about this rug is that you can find all the basic colors in there so you don’t have to choose a particular tone for your home. You can have them all very nicely combined in this irregular-shaped rug.