Iron Lantern Lamp

Lanterns used to be the means of having light into your home long ago. But ever since the invention of electricity, lanterns were used only occasionally, in remote areas where you could not have electricity like in caves, mountain cabins and other similar locations. Well, even if their golden age was during the Gold fever or so, some lanterns can still be used for bringing in a country look to your house. However, they are now a bit changed, because they are turned into lamps. For example this Iron lantern lamp is a combination of an electric lamps with the design of a classic lantern and, I must admit, the result is remarkable.


This nice lantern lamp is a lantern with a lampshade on top which has a light bulb inside. It is available in black or red finish and has a round handle and a vented top. If you like what you see, you can have it for $59.99.