Iris Night Light

Some people are afraid of the dark and also all the kids are afraid of the dark. So it is a good idea to always have a night lamp in the house. Even if you are a grown up and brave, you might wake up in the middle of the night and want to move around without bumping into furniture. In this case you will find the Iris Night Light very useful. It is not just any night lamp because it is made entirely of recycled glass. I mean you take broken pieces of glass and melt them together, add some paint and get an incredible lamp with a wonderful design: an iris flower with leaves decorating this interesting night lamp.

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What is funny about glass is that you can actually recycle it as many times as you want without losing any of its quality. So it’s totally ecological to recycle glass and if you are able to obtain a beautiful and decorative thing out of it, then you are very good. Usually this skill is transmitted from generation to generation, so one glass artisan called Gray started this project called “Reborn glass” , a suggestive title for a great idea. The 3.5″W x 4.5″H night lamp can be bought for $39 from Viva Terra.