Luxury Mexican hotel located in Playa del Carmen

Hotel Basico is located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. It’s a chic hotel that was designed by Mexico City-based design studio Central de Arquitectura and completed in 2005. Playa del Carmen is one of the corners of La Quinta Avenida, the main avenue of the city. This means that the location is very convenient, from a convenient distance from many attractions of the city but also in an area that can offer its guests the privacy they need.

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The hotel is actually a multipurpose building. On the street level it houses six commercial spaces. The two other levels are occupied by bedroom suites. The hotel is known for its beautiful architectural design and the bold use of materials. Even though it doesn’t have an extremely modern look, it’s still a chic building. The guests are welcomed into a 14 meter high lobby situated right at the entrance. It has an 18 meter long concrete wall and it’s a space that connects all the architectonic elements of the building.

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The lobby also offers access to the stairs and thus to the other levels. The top two floors include a total of 15 bedrooms. The rooms have modern interior décor with a simple look. In fact, the whole hotel was built using recycled materials and minimalist lines. It’s a simply striking hotel.